Thursday, December 17, 2015


Salam guys!

Wah wah. Geramnya I. Every week macamni. While the seniors meeting, I'am the only one that stay outside alone like loser. Memang betubetul mencabar hidup I ni. Orang lain pening dengan kerja yang belambak. Tapi I, pening sebab I kerja macam tak kerja. I try untuk think positive that beruntunglah I. Kerja relax sangat. I hope that I can struggle with this feeling of mind. I rasa macam sangat tak dihargai. Role I dalam company ni langsung tak buat I jadi lebih maju ke depan. Its like they tried to stop me from growing. Tapi ni perasaan I jer. Yelah.. Bayangkan, I got degree, but my role is just the same like me once I working after SPM. Plus the salary pun the sama macam I keje part time masa remaja. I nak marah. Tapi I tahu ini semua rezeki dan ketentuan Allah. So, the motive I mencotcet kat sini is, sebab I tengah berusaha keras keras keras untuk be positive! Its very hard. But seriously, at the end, it worth it. I just thinking that, maybe this is what I have to bare compare to other people yang busy with the workload. I busy to build up my positivity. HUh!! 

Satu benda I rasa sekarang is that I fell like a tree. When I'm ready to grow, then someone cantas my dahan to be a bonsai. Noooo! This is actually a process to make me as humble as the tanah. Even though people step on it, it still let the human breath via the healthy trees. Entah apa apa aku merepek. Lantaklah! This is my way to relive my anger. Grrrrr.. 

May Allah redha. 

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